Thai Lottery VIP Tips For 16-05- 2019

Thai Lottery VIP Tips For 16 May 2019

Have you purchased the lottery tickets to the up and coming Thai Lottery draw? Or on the other hand, would you say you are anticipating purchasing a couple of sets of lottery tickets and make a fortune? Here we go with Thai Lottery VIP Tips and updates. Whichever one of the alternatives you picked, we have a couple of tips which may enable you to stand a superior possibility in winning this wholesome amount of money.


Let s talk about a few ways we can boost our ways to success, the pays which are associated with the draw, and when is the actually really going to be.

Thailand Lottery Tips and Payout of the Upcoming Draw 16 May 2019

Thai Lottery tips managed and constrained by the Thai Government Lottery Office, is an excellent chance for people, all over the world, to at finally cash their luck out in millions!


You read it right!

The first prize of each Thai Lottery King Draw is associated with a whopping 3 million baht and an additional prize bonus of 20 or 30 million baht (which usually depends on the type of the ticket).


Tips to Boost Your Chances of Winning Thai Lottery

Lotteries are legitimately reliant on the numbers being picked one by one, framing a variety of numbers and afterward, detailing the triumphant arrangement.

You may ponder:

What would you be able to do with arbitrarily picked numbers?

All things considered,

In Thailand, favorable luck is generally connected with odd numbers in contrast with even numbers. The 3Up beyond any doubt number is typically the most fortunate number ever!

Be that as it may, in Thailand, the number 9 is viewed as a distinct advantage! Not just in light of the fact that it is made out of multiple times 3 but since it means ‘go’ in Thai. The word ‘gay’ has earned a high status among the Thai. This is a direct result of its importance to two different words, Kow-Nah. The words imply advancement or sending in a positive way while¬† Khao’ refers to the staple food of Thailand, rice.



Here’s the deal:

In case you’re searching for an easy route and have a craving for having favorable luck despite your good faith, pick tickets with the most measure of odd numbers in. With an insignificant rate of 1% or 0.5% expense rate (once more, contingent upon the sort of the Thailand Lottery ticket), the general pay is sufficiently extensive to completely change yourself around!

Next draw of the Thai Lottery:

Because of consumer support and the popularity, the lottery has gained up in Thailand, Thai lottery is held twice in a single month, usually on the 1st and the 16th of the same month. With a payout ratio of over 60%, people are reeled into this offer and are attracted into it like ants to something sweet.




The following attract will be on the first of May, 2019. The two local people and outsiders can participate in this lottery plot.The numbers are gotten out by 10 outsiders and the whole framework is broadcast so individuals are certain that it isn’t fixed. The prizes, whenever won, can be asserted inside two years of the draw. In the event that it’s lesser than 20 thousand baht, the merchant can issue the cash.

Something else, the Government office ought to be contacted. Likewise, to be on the more secure side of things, on the off chance that you’ve won a major prize, make sure to report it to the police so nobody can take your prize away!

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